Partner of the Week: Business Excellence Consulting Group

Business Excellence Consultancy Group (BECG) is a consulting company in Iran, which covers a variety of areas, supporting both private and public companies. Its operation is divided into three sections: 1) profit-making 2) corporate social responsibility and 3) the children and youth department, which is dedicated to working with them and their teachers. BECG’s mission is to create solutions, which empower individuals and mainly works in four provinces: Tehran, Khorasan, Qazvin and Fars.

Since 2014, BECG has been partner of Aflatoun International. In order to better fit in with Iranian culture, BECG has invested in contextualising and translating Aflatoun modules into Farsi language. It also created an Iranian Aflatoun website to connect teachers, children and young people. BECG is a firm believer in the role of teachers in the provision of Aflatoun programmes hence they keep on training teachers and facilitators to assist them in the expansion in the coming phase.

In June 2016, the 6th Aflatoun training for facilitators was held and participants were selected from volunteers with more teaching background. This workshop initiated further activities in the four provinces of Iran they operate: Tehran, Khorasan, Qazvin and Fars. Thanks to the six workshops, a total of 156 facilitators have been trained to teach the Aflatoun methodology. Besides this, the programme has also expanded into different Iranian cities.