Partner of the Week: CAMIDE GAP, Mali

For 24 years, GAP-CAMIDE has been advancing development projects in health, gender, education, and the environment in Mali. Their mission includes promoting social and financial education to empower Mali’s youth and create a better future. They concentrate on two key areas: improving children’s access to education and enhancing teacher capacity.


Partnership with Aflatoun  

GAP’s partnership with Aflatoun International has been instrumental in their journey. Aflatoun’s values align perfectly with GAP’s vision of holistic development and education for all children, regardless of their background. This partnership has enabled GAP to integrate Aflatoun’s renowned programmes, Aflatoun and Aflateen, into their initiatives, allowing them to leverage the potential of social and financial education for the benefit of Mali’s youth. 


A Success Story: Pembé Amadou Mounkoro  

Pembé Amadou Mounkoro’s story is a testament to the transformative power of GAP’s partnership with Aflatoun. Before participating in the Aflateen program, Pembé lacked self-confidence and the ability to express himself in front of others. He was like many young people, unsure of their potential and place in the world.  

However, through the Aflateen programme, Pembé has undergone a remarkable transformation. He gained the confidence to speak in public, acquired vital life skills, and developed a sense of self-worth. In his own words: 

“Before, I didn’t have any self-confidence, I couldn’t express myself in front of a crowd. But now I’m fine thanks to the Aflateen programme.”  

Pembé’s journey is a success not only for himself but for his friends and society. As he grew in confidence and ability, he became a role model for his peers. He encouraged others to participate in the Aflateen programme, dispelling the misconception that it is just a game for fun. Instead, he highlighted its potential to truly transform lives and prepare young people for a brighter future. 


Societal Implications  

Pembé’s story is just one of many similar narratives that illustrate the societal implications of GAP’s work with Aflatoun. Through social and financial education, young people like Pembé are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to actively participate in the development of their communities. They become future leaders, change-makers, and contributors to Mali’s progress.  

In the broader context, GAP’s commitment to financial education contributes to the creation of a financially literate and empowered generation. This, in turn, fosters economic stability and prosperity for Mali as a whole, breaking the cycle of poverty.  

In conclusion, GAP’s collaboration with Aflatoun presents a promising opportunity for the youth in Mali. Their mission to empower children and young adults through social and financial education is not only commendable but also deeply impactful. The success story of Pembé Amadou Mounkoro serves as an inspiring example of how this collaboration is changing lives and, ultimately, the trajectory of Mali itself. Thanks to GAP’s commitment and the transformative influence of the Aflatoun programmes, the youth in Mali are progressively realizing their complete potential.