Partner of the Week: Center for Education and Development

Center for Education and Development (CED) is a non-government organisation based in Hanoi, Vietnam. CED’s mission is to develop, test, and expand breakthrough solutions to the country’s toughest education and development challenges. Their team consist of highly experienced scientists, educators, training and development specialists.

The organisation’s core values are focused on development and inequality reduction. CED has a network of talented individuals with extensive experience working proactively in schools throughout Vietnam, testing and implementing the latest education policies and initiatives. Since 2011 they have changed the lives of over 11,000 students. 

Our partnership

We started partnering with Center for Education and Development in 2019. Our goal is to develop higher levels of financial literacy in Vietnam. Together we want to focus on bringing financial education to young people in in the country and encourage a financially astute generation with responsible financial behaviours and attitudes.

What CED’s staff members like best about the Aflatoun methodology is the high quality of the training materials focusing on active learning/teaching boosting active participation and that the methodology is really easy to implement and follow. 

CED success story

Nguyen Huyen Trang, Dean of Primary Education Hanoi School had participated in two training sessions organized by CED and shared with us his thoughts on the experience:

“The trainings not only provided us with up to date information on financial education and gender equality but also helped us to develop new teaching methods and techniques and to organise activities towards developing learners’ competencies. As a result, we now have more techniques and methods to apply in the teaching process and organize experiential activities for students in the real world. What I really liked about this methodology is that the learners are always central and proactive in exploring learning contents. With the detailed design of the training document, the teacher will easily and conveniently organize learning activities.”