Partner of the Week: CFA Foundation

For 15 years, the CFA Foundation has been advancing social intervention processes in Colombia to improve the quality of life of members and their families. Through educational projects, they facilitate the promotion of the cooperative philosophy and practices as well as the adoption of tools for the proper management of money, appropriate use of technology and the environment protection.

In 2015, they fully integrated the Aflatoun methodology into the “Futuros Gigantes” (Future Giants) training strategy. CFA has currently 35 Social Promoters trained in the Aflatoun Methodology, working in 11 educational institutions in the departments of Antioquia and Córdoba (Colombia). Notably, Aflatoun lessons have impacted 7,668 children and youth who actively participate in the programme.

In coordination with the Secretary of Education of Don Matías Municipality (Department of Antioquia), the Rayuela Educational Center held the Third Educational Forum on social and financial education. In this framework, Children from the Aflatoun programme shared their learnings and experiences about social and financial ventures. Also, the Government of the Department of Antioquia, the Departmental Secretary of Education, and the Secretary of Education of the Municipality accompanied the event.

The CFA Foundation has carried out different activities to promote the Aflatoun programme: Fairs of Science and Technology, Fairs of Creativity Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the elaboration of a Mural of Rights and Responsibilities. Committed to caring for the environment and respecting the rights of children and young people, the programme has opened spaces to address issues related to the environment and interaction in a globalized world.

In 2016, CFA launched the savings account for children and in 2018, they are starting the Children’s Cooperative—a place that was designed to bring children closer to the cooperative values and principles. From there, they will develop a series of educational projects to strengthen the concept of financial and social education.


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