Partner of the week: Cheshire Disability Services- Kenya

Cheshire Disability Services is opening doors for children and youngsters with disabilities across Kenya providing them access to rehabilitation, inclusive education, livelihood skills, and economic empowerment activities. Annually CDSK supports over 4,000 beneficiaries directly and over 20, 000 children with disabilities indirectly.

The organisation achieves its mission to uplift the life quality of people with disabilities regardless of sex, race, colour, and beliefs through four main pillars. The first pillar focuses on rehabilitation and care of children through corrective surgeries, different kinds of therapies and the provision of various assistive devices. The second pillar consists of providing inclusive education by addressing the impairments of children living with disability to a functional state and removing the social barriers. The third focuses on economic empowerment, which is implemented through the Aflatoun International’s methodology on financial literacy and entrepreneurship. And finally, the fourth pillar focuses on lobbying and advocacy.

CDSK and Aflatoun international, funded by Lilaine Fonds and the Rabobank Foundation Employee Fund, developed a non-formal education curriculum for learners with disabilities. By mid-2015, 22 teachers had been trained on the Aflatoun methodology, and the curriculum was introduced in 5 schools for learners with special needs. The programme aims to give children and youngsters Social and Financial Education.