Partner of the week: ChildFund Kenya

Our partner of the week, ChildFund International Kenya, supports deprived, excluded and vulnerable children and young people to become young adults and leaders who bring lasting and positive change to their communities.

ChildFund Kenya has been an Aflatoun International partner since 2008 and implements the Aflatoun curriculum in 66 schools and centres in the Nakuru District. The organisation has reached 1,804 children and young people since starting the programme.


Wallace Amayo, Technical Advisor for Youth and Economic Strengthening from ChildFund Kenya, talked with us about his Aflatoun experiences; “The Aflatoun methodology resonates with ChildFund’s vision and method of working. We focus on children as agents of change who have the capacity to improve their lives. At ChildFund we believe that children of all ages are capable of expressing their views. If children are given the appropriate support and we get them engaged, they are able to voice their feelings and attitudes. This enables them to grow and build effective, constructive relationships with each other.