Partner of the Week: Children International, Ecuador

Children International, based in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, is an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of young people through education and empowerment. With a strong focus on positive habits and skills, the organisation has collaborated with Aflatoun since 2010, integrating its curriculum to teach essential financial knowledge to its students. 


Partnership with Aflatoun 

Children International’s partnership with Aflatoun shows the shared goal of empowering youth through financial education. This collaboration has provided a structured framework to educate personal finance skills, enabling young people to make informed and responsible financial decisions. 


Cultivating Financial Habits and Positive Impact 

Children International’s primary goal is to promote good financial habits among the youth. By encouraging young people to save with clear objectives, the organisation aims to create a positive impact on their lives. One such impactful initiative is the “I learn with my bank” programme, conducted in alliance with Banco del Pacífico. 


Educational Outings and Financial Empowerment 

A compelling success story from Children International’s endeavours involves 17 young people and 17 children who participated in a walk to the Historic Park of Guayaquil. This activity focused on promoting financial planning and savings by encouraging group savings within the club. The leadership, consisting of a treasurer and secretary, took charge of managing the funds collected, fostering a sense of responsibility and commitment. 

The collected funds were stored in a safe, ensuring transparency in the savings plan. The safe was opened in the presence of all participants, and the total amount was counted to cover the entrance fees to the park. Through engaging games and dynamics, the activity had a positive impact on the participants, translating financial knowledge into practical skills. 

An additional highlight was the involvement of parents, motivated to support their children. This not only strengthened communication but also enhanced integration between parents and children. The success of this initiative showcases the results of Children International’s commitment to financial education and the positive effects on families. 


Building a Financially Empowered Future 

Children International’s collaboration with Aflatoun and initiatives like the “I learn with my bank” programme exemplifies the organisation’s dedication to building a financially empowered future. By imparting crucial life skills and fostering positive financial habits, Children International continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of young individuals in Guayaquil and beyond. Through these efforts, the organisation is supporting future generations to be well-equipped to make informed and responsible financial decisions, ultimately contributing to a better future.