Partner of the Week: Children Social and Financial Education Fund Latvia

Children Social and Financial Education Fund Latvia was founded in 2012, which aims to strengthen children’s social and financial skills while raising awareness of financial literacy. One year later, the implementation of the Aflatoun programme started and contacts have been established with several national professional associations and regional school boards.

In 2017, teachers and trainers who participated in the Aflatoun training activities have introduced Aflatoun’s ideas and methods in their work with schoolchildren in non-formal (out of class) activities, class-tutor’s work and in their subjects of social and civic education. This has been a very positive experience for the pupils, but also for the teachers.

“I have successfully applied Aflatoun’s method in the economy and geography classes of secondary school. It covers topics as poverty, entrepreneurship and the role of money. Aflatoun’s materials perfectly fit with the new competency-based education approach. Our schoolchildren work in groups and think, discuss and learn to listen to others and express their own opinions,” said teacher Ilze Bērziņa.