Csoport-téka Association is a non-governmental organisation founded in 2001. It is based in Budaörs, Hungary. It is made up of social workers, educators, labour-force market advisers and psychologists. Their aim is to provide a platform for and introduce programmes that support social integration. They focus on the inclusion of members of marginalised groups, such as unemployed people, Roma teenagers, disadvantaged children and families.


Our partnership started in 2015. The first project we worked on together was an international project which aimed at developing the competencies of people working with unemployed youth.

Then in 2017, Csoport-téka Association launched our Aflatot programme for children ages 3-6 years old. They trained 32 kindergarten teachers in 2018 and reached close to 600 children in Budapest and surrounding areas.

Taking the partnership to the next level

Along with Aflatot, they also launched the Community Engagement Toolkit and recently, have been accredited by the Education Office of Hungry to offer Aflatot Teacher Training to Hungarian kindergarten teachers.

They also experimenting with gamification and how it can bring parents and children together to learn and discussion social & financial skills. They are in the process of developing an Aflatot-based board game.

Next up

In addition to these plans, they also aim to introduce Aflateen this year. In August 2020, they will train 60 teachers in our Aflateen programme.

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