Partner of the Week: Csoport-téka Egyesüle, Hungary

Founded in 2001, Csoport-téka Egyesület operates in Hungary with a core mission of skills development and social care. The organisation is dedicated to providing a platform and implementing various programmes to support the social integration and inclusion of marginalised groups, such as unemployed individuals. By focusing on these social causes, Csoport-téka Egyesület aims to equip disadvantaged people with essential skills and foster a more inclusive society.



Our Partnership
Recognising a significant gap in financial skills development for disadvantaged target groups in Hungary, the association partnered with Aflatoun in 2017. The decision to collaborate with Aflatoun stemmed from the urgent need to address the lack of effective financial education among those who would benefit most from such skills.

The association utilises both the AflaTot and AflaTeen curricula in its efforts. These programmes are specifically designed to impart crucial financial and social education to young children and teenagers, respectively. By integrating these curricula, Csoport-téka Egyesület ensures that participants receive comprehensive training that can significantly improve their financial literacy and social skills.



Erste Bank’s Support for Inclusive Teens using AflaTeen Curriculum 

In 2024, Erste Bank will support Salva Vita Association and its existing and future special needs clients by assisting the Csoport-téka Association in delivering Aflateen training. Erste Bank’s commitment goes beyond a single training session; last year, the training was complemented by various programs for children in foster care and children with disabilities. This year, they have found a way to integrate parts of the curriculum with professionals who have completed the training. Notably, this adaptation marks the first time the AflaTeen curriculum has been tailored for a specific target group, including 16 adapted sections and a specialized financial board game. The initiative aims to collaborate with other organizations, potentially beyond the Salva Vita Association, with the support of the Erasmus program, to make the curriculum accessible for individuals with visual, hearing, and mental disabilities.