Partner of the Week: Csoport-téka Egyesület Association, Hungary

Csoport-téka Egyesület Association has been active since 2001 in Hungary and specialises in skills and social development for members of marginalised groups in the country.  

Enshrined in its core principles, the association provides a platform and runs different programmes to support social integration and inclusion for members of excluded communities, such as unemployed youth.  

Our Partnership 

In 2017, Csoport-téka Egyesület partnered with Aflatoun International to fill the gap created by the lack of financial literacy programmes in disadvantaged communities. This was necessary to offset social inequity and empower individuals as key agents in mobilising local economies.  

Among our range of curricula, they currently implement the Aflatot and Aflateen programmes to engage children at an early age, as well as empowering teenagers with financial competencies, key to prepare the youth for the complexities of the current fragmented job market.  

Financial Empowerment with Aflateen Clubs 

In 2023, a remarkable success story unfolded as Csoport-téka Egyesület embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration with ERSTE Bank and ERSTE Foundation. The focus became to empower children in foster care, a target group often overlooked, through Aflatoun’s programmes and methods. These young individuals faced a significant gap in financial literacy – an essential life skill not part of Hungary’s educational framework, and one they couldn’t access at home. 

In January, Csoport-téka Egyesület orchestrated a certified training program for 26 dedicated professionals committed to empowering children in foster care. Astonishingly, it became evident that even these dedicated professionals lacked fundamental financial knowledge. The impact of these trainings reverberated far beyond the classroom, promising to transform lives at both ends. 

Empowered by newfound expertise, these professionals  catalyzed a movement of change. They started by organising Aflateen workshops for their students, creating an unexpected ripple effect. The children embraced these workshops with enthusiasm, revealing an innate hunger for knowledge. 

The organisation’s unwavering support continued throughout the year, nurturing the children’s initiatives and dreams. The association fostered a platform for shared experiences, regularly welcoming their students to the esteemed ERSTE Bank Hungary Headquarters in Budapest. Here, they soaked in not just financial wisdom but also a broader spectrum of life skills. The sessions covered topics like group dynamics and entrepreneurship, diverse workshops for the youngsters encompassing topics such as recognizing needs and desires, the art of crafting a compelling CV, all to enrich their learning journey. 

This success story is emblematic of transformation: where a collaborative vision is realised into tangible change. Through dedicated efforts and a strategic partnership, our partner illuminated the path toward financial empowerment and personal growth, highlighting the positive impact that education can have on the lives of children and youth.