Partner of the Week: Csoport-téka

Founded in 2001 in Budaörs, Hungary, Csoport-téka Association is an NGO dedicated to facilitating the social integration and inclusion of marginalised groups of unemployed people as well as struggling children and families. The organisation is run by social workers, educators, labour-force market advisors and psychologists.

Csoport-téka started with the Aflatoun programme in 2015 as an effort to further develop financial education strategies in order to boost employability levels in their youth community. This led to their first stakeholder event in Budapest in partnership with Aflatoun International and participation in Aflatoun’s Master Training in The Hague.

Since 2017, Csoport-téka has trained 7 Aflatoun leaders and has launched 2 Aflateen programmes in Budapest, working on efforts to smoothly integrate disadvantaged students both socially and financially. Their success has motivated them to launch a second round of pilot groups for 2018.