Partner of the week – CWIN Nepal

CWIN is our partner of the week!

CWIN is one of Aflatoun International’s partner organisations in Nepal. Established in 1987, CWIN (Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Center) aims to eliminate all forms of abuse, exploitation, and injustice against children. It uses a variety of approaches, including advocacy, emergency action, social mobilisation, alliance-building, and solidarity in action.

CWIN has been implementing the Aflatoun curriculum since 2008 in non-formal education settings for working children in child care homes (in Kathmandu, Panauti, Chitwan, and Biratnagar, among other areas). CWIN now also provides the Aflateen programme to youth groups (graduates of child care homes). Children and young people have begun savings clubs and enterprises, for example, by making and selling cards and craft products.

Rashmila Skakya is the Aflatoun programme coordinator for CWIN. She loves the Aflatoun methodology because it’s child-centred: “The programme provides ample room to children and young people to participate and express their hidden talents. Different methods are used to deliver knowledge and skills to build up positive changes in students’ behaviour and attitude. We use drama, storytelling and games that emphasise their self-esteem. We use creative thinking to explore the reasons behind their problems and solutions to them.’’

So far, more than 30.000 children and young people in Nepal have followed one of the Aflatoun International programmes thanks to CWIN. At present, the organisation is providing technical assistance to UNICEF Nepal to implement the Aflateen programme in 16 districts. The project will target 200,000 young people during a 2-year period.

You can find out more about CWIN on their website.