Partner of the week: Department of Education Philippines

The Department of Education in the Philippines has been an Aflatoun partner since 2016 and is working to implement social and financial literacy into the national curriculum of the Philippines – creating access for all children and young people.

How they work

The Department of Education formed a technical working group to implement financial literacy into the national basic education curriculum. The working group focuses on:

-Providing a mix of social and financial themes for children and young people that are appropriate to the stages of their development
-Creating a culture of savings and financial management
-Facilitating entrepreneurial development through the formations of clubs and other activities
-Providing age-appropriate access to financial systems through linkage of cooperatives and other financial institutions

The working group is also tasked with identifying the mechanisms needed to develop financial literacy curriculum competencies, developing necessary materials and learning resources, designing capability building programmes and establishing financial inclusion mechanisms in schools.

Cooperation is key

Furthermore, the Department of Education also partners with local organisations like the National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO), who are working with Aflatot, Aflatoun and Aflateen curriculum to help reach as many children and young people as possible.