Partner of the Week: Department of Insurance, Banking and Risk Management of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev

In Ukraine, the Department of Insurance, Banking, and Risk Management at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev has been a key player in education for 14 years. The aim of the department is to train specialists who can navigate the complex world of finance and handle challenges. 


Partnership with Aflatoun and the AflaYouth Curriculum 

In 2022, the department teamed up with Aflatoun. Sharing common values, the collaboration has been strengthened by applying the AflaYouth curriculum, providing a structured and comprehensive approach to financial education. With a focus on social causes, the organisation is dedicated to improving the financial literacy of young people in Ukraine. The department aims to promote both financially and socially responsible behaviour, contributing to the country’s sustainable development goals, through the instruction of skills to students aged 14-24. 


340 Youth Empowered in Financial Literacy

In October, the Department wrapped up a series of online workshops that reached over 340 participants aged 16 to 20. These workshops, an example of the department’s commitment, provided a platform for participants to work on their financial literacy. The highlight was the FinHackathon, a financial literacy competition where 30 finalists demonstrated their problem-solving skills. 


Focusing on Financial Sustainability

The department organised the “December Readings” conference, an event addressing contemporary financial issues. The most recent conference, held online on December 1-2, focused on “Business sustainability and household welfare: financial and social aspects.” With a dedicated section on “Protection of the rights of consumers of financial services and financial literacy,” the conference exemplifies the department’s commitment to shaping the financial discourse. 


Impact and Future Projects 

The Department of Insurance, Banking, and Risk Management’s initiatives go beyond workshops and conferences. They actively engage with 9-11 grade students and university students through events like “Financiers’ Guild” and “Insurance Tale.” The student-teacher movement “FinEd” operates under the department’s guidance, focusing on increasing the level of financial literacy among the youth in Ukraine. 

In a world where financial decisions matter greatly, the Department of Insurance, Banking, and Risk Management stands as a great educator, leading the youth of Ukraine toward a future of informed choices and sustainable development. Through their partnership with Aflatoun and initiatives like the FinHackathon, they continue to make a positive impact, one student at a time.