Partner of the Week: Dorcas Aid, Ethiopia

Dorcas Aid has partnered with Aflatoun since 2018 to implement projects in the urban slums of Addis Ababa. Recognised by the sub-city administration as one of the city’s poorest areas, the residents are primarily petty traders and daily labourers living in extreme poverty. These projects have been dedicated to addressing the complex and deep-rooted social, physical, psychological, and economic needs of children and their families, ensuring they receive the necessary support to continue their education.


Our partnership 
As an Aflatoun International partner, Dorcas introduced this programme to its partner organisations. After training the project staff and volunteer instructors at the target schools, they conveyed the concept to the interested children.
Enrolment for the
AflaToun and AflaTeen training commenced for children aged 6 to 16. Additionally, children not directly involved in the project are encouraged to join the Aflatoun Club if their sibling is a member. Over 420 children are now part of this club. The Aflatoun curriculum, focusing on social and financial education, supports holistic growth in children, enabling them to manage their resources and gain the knowledge to save for their future. 


Pioneering Change for Addis Ababa’s Children 
Introducing Aflatoun programmes into Dorcas Aid partner projects helps vulnerable children build a brighter future. By focusing on their mindset and character, the programme uplifts their overall well-being, addressing physical, social, economic, and spiritual aspects. Through an engaging curriculum and interactive activities, children are equipped to make wiser choices and lead more fulfilling lives. Embraced by numerous children and their families within the project, the programme has garnered widespread acceptance and affection.