Partner of the Week: Dorcas Aid, Tanzania

Focused on savings and financial inclusion, Dorcas Aid International Tanzania offers financial literacy and economic empowerment opportunities to equip children with the necessary skills to overcome challenges and forge a brighter future for themselves and their surroundings.  
Our Partnership 
Since 2018, the organisation has partnered with Aflatoun International, recognising the inherent capacity of every child to contribute positively to their families and communities. The Future 4 Children initiatives in Tanzania, focusing on Savings and Financial Inclusion, provided financial education to children, recognizing its crucial role in their financial and economic growth.


Financial Empowerment and Health Initiatives Combined
Despite the tough times faced by families in Tanzania, including the rise in diseases like Diarrhea, Tuberculosis (TB), Cholera, and Typhoid fever, children are often left without solutions. But at the Aflatoun Social Club, children came up with strategies to raise awareness on how each child can prevent the diseases by making and selling handwash soap, which not only fights illnesses but also boosts their savings. The impact was immediate, as this initiative improved hygiene in the Olokii village. Through door-to-door sales, they raised awareness about importance of handwashing, while also assisting their families financially by purchasing essential materials like textbooks and stationery for school. Integrating child savings into broader financial inclusion efforts ensures that future generations have the resources for stability and growth.