Partner of the Week: Ekhphatthana Deposit-Taking Microfinance Institution, Laos

In Vientiane, Laos, Ekhphatthana Deposit-Taking Microfinance Institution (EMI) has played a crucial role in promoting financial inclusion, especially among the youth, since 2009. EMI stands out as a key contributor to addressing the financial needs of the community, with a specific focus on encouraging a savings culture. Since 2011, EMI has been actively promoting savings and financial education through initiatives like the Aflatoun Programme, done in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Sport.


Collaboration with Aflatoun

EMI, partnering with Aflatoun and collaborating with the Ministry of Education and Sport in Lao PDR, introduced the impactful “Smart Kids Saving and Financial Education” programme. Recognising the need for financial knowledge, this programme is tailored for the younger generation at the secondary school level. By bringing Aflatoun’s curriculum to Laos and ensuring accessibility, EMI is empowering the youth to make informed decisions, develop saving habits, and participate in Laos’s economic growth.


Promoting Financial Inclusion

EMI’s overarching goal is to foster a financially inclusive society in Laos, ensuring that no one is left behind on the journey towards financial security. Through collaboration with Aflatoun, the organisation aims to bridge the gap in financial knowledge, especially among the youth, creating a sustainable impact on communities.


“Smart Kids Saving and Financial Education”

EMI’s implementation of the Aflatoun programme in Laos has initiated transformative change, particularly through the “Smart Kids Saving and Financial Education” initiative. This programme has equipped teachers with the skills to empower students with essential financial knowledge, laying a foundation for their future.

Teachers, trained by Aflatoun trainers, engage students in interactive sessions, instilling not only financial skills but also a savings mindset. This initiative goes beyond financial literacy; it’s about shaping a generation prepared for the complexities of the modern economy. The impact is tangible, fostering a culture of savings and responsibility that positively affects families and communities.

EMI’s commitment to financial education has helped to financially empower the future of Laos. Through the “Smart Kids Saving and Financial Education” programme, EMI is not just addressing financial inclusion, it is actively shaping the next generation of financially literate and responsible individuals, paving the way for a more financially inclusive Laos.