Partner of the Week: EMERGENCE Afrique

Two years ago, EMERGENCE Afrique (EMAF) was created in Burkina Faso with the mission to work together towards a sustainable future and development for the local communities. To achieve this, they work to improve education, health, agriculture, natural resources management, promote children’s rights and fight against climate change through direct interventions, capacity building and the empowerment of young people and local organisations. 

EMERGENCE Afrique was created for the need to equip young Burkinabè and their communities with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed choices for their social and financial empowerment. They are proud to be contributing to the financial education of children, youth and teachers.   

EMAF is inspired by the actions taken by other organisations and media surrounding them. They have been conducting informative sessions at meetings with representatives of schools, colleges, literacy centres, and trade training centres to realise their mission and projects. They identify learning areas and the time allocation, as well as the integration approaches necessary. In addition, they advocate and fundraise in collaboration with other organisations and stakeholders.   


Our Partnership   

EMERGENCE Afrique believes that Aflatoun’s work is key for a better, harmonious and sustainable future for children and youth. Therefore, they decided to partner up to allow young people to participate in engaging activities and be members of Aflatoun clubs. Children work together to set up social and financial enterprises and create savings accounts within the classrooms or financial institutions.  

EMAF has been implementing the Aflatoun curriculum, focusing on digital education and the five core elements of the programme: Personal Understanding and Education; Rights and Responsibilities; Saving and Spending; Planning and Budgeting; and Social and Financial Enterprise.   

EMAF is excited about Aflatoun because it contains modules such as “how to save money and manage it” or “how to invest and ensure assets” that can awaken responsible financial behaviours in children that will empower them to change their lives.   

They believe teaching social and financial education is crucial and will improve labour productivity, employability opportunities, and entrepreneurship. Moreover, they are enthusiastic about the programme building confidence and working towards the stability of the educational community.   


Social and Financial Education for Vulnerable Populations  

EMERGENCE Afrique plans to implement its programmes in partnership with Aflatoun, not only in schools, colleges and vocational training centres but also in women’s education institutes and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps in order for children and youth living there to continue receiving an education.   

EMAF explained that individuals and households in Burkina Faso that do not receive social and financial education are more likely to be indebted and risk bankruptcy.   

Therefore, disseminating the social and financial education programme, including an easy-to-access method to help solve and answer doubts, will bring about economic growth and poverty reduction, especially among the youth, women and girls and vulnerable populations.