Partner of the Week: Enda Inter-Arabe, Tunisia

Enda Inter-Arabe has been operating in Tunisia for 32 years and ever since its creation in 1990, it has been offering targeted and personalised training for young people to guide them in all stages of development. At the same time, it works to contribute to societal transformation through economic, social and cultural integration of vulnerable groups.  

To carry out their work, Enda Inter-Arabe focuses on bridging the gender gap by empowering women to support their position in society and by promoting an entrepreneurial culture within marginalised communities. Moreover, to enable the effective implementation of courses, Ende Inter-Arabe works alongside civil society organisations, ministries and public institutions.  

Our Partnership 

The alignment of strategic goals between Aflatoun and Enda Inter-Arabe has managed to push forth social and financial education into the public primary education curriculum. In tune, herefore, the organisation uses Aflatoun material, adapted to the Tunisian context, as well as our AflaYouth curriculum, redefined and mirroring the realities of Tunisian youth.  

Through this implementation, we continue to educate a generation on their social and financial responsibilities, improving their ability to manage available resources effectively.