Partner of the week: Enda inter arabe

Enda inter arabe is an organisation in Tunisia. Their mission is to contribute to the financial empowerment of marginalised populations, including women and young people, through a range of quality financial services and the promotion of entrepreneurship.

Enda contributes to the improvement of living conditions for low-income Tunisians, through a leading institution that is socially responsible and committed to the environment. The organisation has 70 branches all over Tunisia covering the 24 governorates which potentially gives Aflatoun programme high level of outreach given the proper resources for the scale-up of the programme.

Our partnership  

We started partnering in 2014. The Aflatoun curricula fit Enda programmes really good by promoting inclusion, responsible citizenship and personal and professional development through the lenses of social and financial education.

Since 2018, an agreement has been signed with the regional delegation of Kasserine, allowing the implementation of the Aflatoun programmes in public primary schools. Eight clubs have been set up affecting 200 children from disadvantaged backgrounds. These clubs were led by young volunteers supported and supervised by Enda.

Success Stories 

Edna’s staff shared with us the story of Alya, a 27-year-old unemployed young person who after successfully participating in a training programme became a primary school Aflatoun animator in the rural area of Kasserine. Thanks to Aflatoun, Alya now is working on projects that aim to prevent dropping out of school which is one of the problems in his region.

Another nice story is the one of Farah (8) and Amine (9), who both participated in 2-months Aflatoun training on financial education. In the end, they became more confident and started taking an active role in their household discussions about savings and finance.

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