Partner of the Week: FINCA, Peru

Founded in 1993, FINCA Peru has been working with women microentrepreneurs for over 30 years. In the rural areas of Peru, the level of education remains precarious and requires new methodologies that foster a love of learning in children. The organisation thus works with children on personal development, the promotion of savings, and micro-entrepreneurship skills.


Our partnership: 

Fifteen years ago, FINCA Peru began collaborating with Aflatoun to enhance education in the rural regions of the Peruvian highlands. In addition to their work with women, the organisation focuses on children’s personal development, encouraging savings habits, and fostering entrepreneurship skills. The promotion of savings has always been important to FINCA Peru and has been a focus since the beginning of the programme. FINCA is proud of the Mochila Viajera initiative, as it allows children to take stories and books home to share with their families and develop their reading and writing skills.


The Impact of the Bio-Garden Project in Vischongo
For a decade, the Educational Institution No. 38170 in Vischongo, Ayacucho, Peru, has been partnered with the Aflatoun Programme through FINCA Peru, fostering a spirit of growth and self-reliance.
The dedicated teachers inspire their students to diligently save their allowances and resources, instilling valuable life skills. The entire school community, both students and teachers, actively participate in the bio-garden project initiated by the Aflatoun Club, enriching their lives and complementing the Peruvian government’s Qaliwarma food programme. This collaborative effort not only nurtures their bodies but also sows the seeds of a brighter, more self-sufficient future.