Partner of the Week: For All Foundation

For 11 years, For All Foundation (FAF) has been working towards providing development skills and economically empowering children, youth and women in Yemen.  The organisation focuses on numerous social causes, such as unemployment, school drop-out, education and gender equality, social violence, street begging, human rights, environmental issues, social participation, and labour migration.   

What makes FAF unique is their experience, qualified staff, easy access to all Governorates of Yemen, including places affected by the conflict, and the capacity to carry out projects within the shortest possible time frame. They also have a sound evaluation system that allows them to regularly assess over 150 initiatives and activities they implement.  


Our Partnership  

For All Foundation has been a partner of Aflatoun since 2011, implementing the Aflatoun and Aflayouth curricula, as well as the supplements on Child Protection and The Environment.   

For All Foundation decided to partner with Aflatoun because of the similar focus on projects and activities. Moreover, FAF and Aflatoun’s strategies include partnerships with several stakeholders, which allows for an important exchange of information, knowledge and experiences that will result in a greater reach and impact for the programmes.   

FAF believes that the concept of social and financial education is fundamental for Yemen, as its teachings will allow communities to enjoy economic prosperity and thus find new and greater opportunities for social development.    


The Journey to Become a Businesswoman   

For All Foundation shared with us a powerful story of resilience from one of their beneficiaries.   

Like many women in Sarar village, she had to drop out of primary school and work as a shepherd, travelling long distances every day. Moreover, the lack of social justice in the country means that the existing gender roles left her with many other duties, such as preparing food, cleaning the house, and raising children.    

But one question always came to her mind, “when will I have my own business to improve my living situation? What will be my source of income?” At the same time, she also had another question: “How can I run the business without completing my education? I don’t have the experience or the money“.   

Nevertheless, she continued her work in livestock farming for a long time until she had the opportunity to join the For All Foundation ERRY II programme. The entrepreneurship training was a glimpse of hope that taught her how to run an enterprise.   

Finally, her dream came true when she found out that she had won a grant to start her own business. Now, she has a grocery store selling many items that she bought from one of her merchant relatives. Her view of society has changed, from being a shepherd to a businesswoman. Today, her family’s situation is better, as she gets a daily income of 7,000 riyals. Thanks to her business, she also bought a water tank after joining a saving group. Also, having learnt how to save money and manage her capital, she will use part of her income to fix her house.