Partner of the Week: Foundation Ficohsa, Honduras

Founded 25 years ago in Honduras, Fundación Ficohsa is dedicated to enhancing education, particularly in the crucial early years of childhood. The organisation operates under the “Educating Our Future” programme, targeting children aged 3 to 6 in disadvantaged areas. Fundación Ficohsa strives to increase educational inclusion, quality, and innovation, recognising that early childhood is a crucial stage in human development.  


Partnership with Aflatoun 

Fundación Ficohsa has been a dedicated partner of Aflatoun since 2018. They implemented the Aflatot programme, targeting children aged 3-6, in the centres sponsored by the foundation, which reflects a proactive and visionary response to the challenges faced by children in high-risk and vulnerable areas. Aflatot, focused on socio-emotional development and early financial education, emerges as an essential tool in empowering Honduran children to navigate challenges and become active parts of their communities. 


Empowered Education with Ficohsa 

Fundación Ficohsa believes that education can be transformative, breaking the cycle of poverty and inequality. The organisation’s commitment to the Honduran community can be seen in the comprehensive and sustainable support it provides for preschool education. Concentrating on disadvantaged areas, Fundación Ficohsa aspires to not only secure a brighter future for individual children but also foster a more inclusive Honduran society. Fundación Ficohsa is dedicated to making the overall well-being of the Honduran community better. The organisation recognises the critical role that investing in the education and development of children in vulnerable situations plays in shaping an equitable society. By fully integrating the Aflatot program into the educational centres they support, Fundación Ficohsa is not just tackling current issues but is also setting the groundwork for an empowered future. 


Transformative Impact: Fundación Ficohsa’s Aflatot Success 

The impact of Fundación Ficohsa’s initiatives is evident in the success stories that unfold daily in the lives of over 20,000 children attending 56 preschools in the most vulnerable areas of the country. Beyond the direct beneficiaries, the ripple effect extends to 100,000 individuals, including families and communities. The 143 implementing teachers, trained in the Aflatot methodology, play an important role in ensuring the success of this transformative programme. The Aflatot programme has proven instrumental in instilling essential life skills in participating children, fostering empathy, conflict resolution, cooperation, and emotional self-regulation. Moreover, the programme has ignited a deeper understanding of financial concepts like saving and spending, paving the way for economic empowerment. The children’s heightened appreciation of diversity and respect for the rights and opinions of others showcase the impact of Aflatot on their personal and communal growth.  

Fundación Ficohsa’s partnership with Aflatoun, alongside their commitment to providing well-rounded education for vulnerable children in Honduras, reflects a combination of vision, practical efforts, and positive results. As Fundación Ficohsa continues to develop education, it simultaneously cultivates a future where empowered individuals can become financially independent and well-rounded individuals.