Partner of the Week: Fundación Bien-Estar

Fundación Bien-Estar is an organisation in Ecuador. Since 2004 they have been raising awareness on the importance of financial management and social support for the Ecuadorian population. The organisation has become a pioneer in the provision of specialised technical advice on issues related to community organisation and coexistence in real estate projects.

In its beginnings, Fundación Bien-Estar focused its work on advising on horizontal property issues and community organisation. Today, it complements its service offering with financial education programmes and the management of corporate social responsibility (CSR) from Mutualista Pichincha.


Our partnership

We started partnering with Fundación Bien-Estar in 2019. This experience has allowed them to share saving tips and tips for good money management with children, young people, and even adults, to whom they provide adequate tools for the successful management of their personal and family finances. The programme sought to continue strengthening the financial culture of the public and raise awareness about the importance of good management of personal finances through workshops, trainings, newsletters and broadcasting on radio and television.

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