Partner of the Week: Fundación Finsocial

Fundación Finsocial was established in 2018 as part of corporate social responsibility efforts by Finsocial SAS, a Colombian fintech company providing credit solutions to 22,000 customers in more than 30 cities across Colombia. They offer a wide portfolio of digital offerings focusing on serving public sector teachers, pensioners, independent workers and female entrepreneurs, and work to promote opportunities for financial inclusion and social innovation.   

Finsocial SAS created Fundación Finsocial with the aim of generating positive impact beyond their economic offerings, working to transform lives through social inclusion and support for vulnerable groups from remote parts of the country. Their mission is to help improve the quality of life for boys, girls, young people, female heads of families and seniors by providing them with comprehensive tools for economic and social empowerment, spreading financial education, social inclusion, employment, and sustainability to reduce poverty. To achieve this, they implement different programmes that generate tools for the development and training of socially and financially responsible people. 


Our Partnership 

Fundación Finsocial has been our partner since May 2020, and are currently implementing Aflateen and Aflatot in the regions of Barranquilla and Atlantico through their ‘Save and Always’ (‘Ahorra y Siempre’) programme, which uses the character ‘Monedita’ to teach social and financial education. 


“Save and Always”- Financial and Social Learning for Life 

The objective of the ‘Ahorra y Siempre’ programme is to empower and motivate children and young people to design and execute business ideas and social campaign projects, exercising their financial and social skills, creativity and independence. The programme delivers more than 30 lessons targeted at children and young people, incorporating recreational and pedagogical activities building capacities in self-awareness, gender equality, social and financial skills, entrepreneurship, communication and social skills.  

Recognising students as individuals with different needs and learning speeds, the programme teachers through recreational activities based on their interests and abilities, learning methods, and teamwork. One of the ways they do this, particularly for their programmes aimed at younger children, is through the ‘Monedita’ character encourages and incentivises the students through song and pastoral support.