Partner of the Week: Fundacja Nauka dla Srowdowiska (Science for Environment Foundation)

Since 2003 Fundacja Nauka dla Srowdowiska, or the Science for Environment Foundation (SEF), has been implementing social and financial education programmes in Poland that aim to promote the idea of sustainable development through the use of research and available local resources. What makes SEF unique is that they try to find creative solutions to problems by looking at the local needs from the perspective of the community, which enables them to act effectively and introduce permanent change.  

SEF encourages children, adolescents and adults to care for nature, the community and for sustainable development. They do this by undertaking a number of activities to raise awareness on alternative energy and environmental education, to engage with the local and the international community, and to promote the social involvement of organisations in providing financial education for adults.  


The 4E Strategy of SEF: Education, Ecology, Economy and Empowerment 

Through this strategy, SEF conducts workshops, campaigns and innovative social and financial education programmes that work to empower children and young people to actively participate and develop independent projects for the local economy, education and care for the environment. 

Our Partnership 

SEF partnered with Aflatoun International in 2011 and has since been implementing the Aflatoun (Non Formal Education) and Aflateen programmes. In 2021 they decided to further their dedication to social and financial education by introducing our Aflatot programme to their activities.  

The Science for Environment Foundation believes that the Aflatoun programmes add value to their work because they help children and young people discover their potential, develop critical thinking and improve their quality of education through methods such as active learning and ICT. SEF is keen on implementing the Aflatoun programmes because they see how it positively stimulates young people to analyse their community’s problems and learn how to manage social microenterprises.  


Aflatot in Poland 

Since the recent inclusion of the Aflatot programme, SEF has organised a number of workshops on the effective use of innovative teaching tools for education aimed at children aged 3-6. The series of workshops were intended for employees of kindergartens, schools and non-governmental organisations who work with children on a daily basis.