Partner of the Week: FundaCreafam

FundaCreafam is an interdisciplinary NGO based in Antioquia, Colombia. They work for the axiological, economic and social strengthening, within the framework of the Cooperative Philosophy. Named after the economic initiatives they seek to make accessible to their local communities, ‘credit, recreation, and family savings,’ FundaCreafam works towards increased community wellness and progress. Their mission is to promote financial and social development, build productive sustainable friendships, and transform financial services into social benefits. FundaCreafam has worked with its strategic ally, C.E.R Guamito (Rural Educational Center), to contextualise and implement the Aflatoun program in its education project.

Partnership with Aflatoun 

Since 2018, FundaCreafam’s partnership with Aflatoun International has allowed them to adapt Aflatoun curricula to the needs of rural communities. For example, in the municipality of El Peñol in Antioquia after training 23 teachers, the social and financial education programme was expanded to reach 388 families and about 500 students, between the ages of 5 and 16 years.  

FundaCreafam’s staff member says about the Aflatoun curricula: “ This is an engaging program for students and it motivates them through the use of student-centered methods. The various activities (songs, games, exercise sheets, consultation and observation work, group projects and experiential exercises) contribute to their comprehensive training.” 

FundaCreafam has highlighted the importance of the Aflatoun complementary activities, and how they are well adapted in the different areas of children’s learning process.