Partner of the Week: FutureSense Foundation

FutureSense Foundation was founded in 2009. The first operations started in Nepal, India and Tanzania. In 2012 the operations expanded to Cambodia and in 2014 they reached Thailand and Peru. At the heart of the organisation, programmes ensure quality education and life skills, improve health and livelihoods for disadvantaged communities and lastly, they contribute towards the UN goals for sustainable development. As its vision is a world where even the most disadvantaged communities around the world can achieve their aspirations for a better future, FutureSense delivers around 15,000 hours of workshops that provide quality education on clean water and sanitation, good health and wellbeing, climate change and gender equality.

FutureSense Foundation nurtures independent thinking, interactive and innovative education in Thailand. Considering that formal education in the areas where the organisation works is shaped by culturally embedded educational techniques, although distinct and structured, it constrains creativity. As a result, the organisation is active in inspiring and training teachers with important skillsets to encourage independent thinking amongst the youth and active membership in the marginalised communities to boost the leaders of the future. Moreover, its presence in the region is also known for its work to raise awareness on environmental sustainability by engaging in impactful workshops related to recylcing, waste management, sustainable lifestyle changes, sustainable food production and consumption. Many community projects have thereafter lead to cleaning up plastic waste and recycling initiatives.

Victoria, the Thailand Country Manager affirms that, “We can enable them to break free of stereotypes and arbitrary limitations and empower them to choose a dream for themselves that is bigger and better than what societal norms may have set out for them.”

Our Partnership
FutureSense Foundation became our partner in 2021. Together, we recognize that social and financial awareness are vital for an individual to grow up into an active and engaged person in their community with the ability to lead an autonomous life to support themselves and the wider community. The foundation actively uses the Aflatoun curriculum for grades 4-6, enabling students to be agents of positive change.

As challenges, the foundation highlights the structural obstacles in advancing social and financial education. In the region, social and financial skills in education for children are least prioritized in the schools curriculum. This content gap suppresses children’s access to social and financial management skills, affecting the state of their finances in the future. Through our partnership, efforts are concentrated in maximizing a child’s livelihood by guiding their life choices and delving into their personal values to create long term equitable solutions, and ambitious futures.

Taking Care of the Community in Mae Hong Son
FutureSense conducts several activities that engage the whole community, so as to encourage everyone to take care of the environment around them and to build a better future for everybody. Mae Hong Son is an isolated, mountainous province located in northern Thailand. According to a United Nations report, the poverty rate in Mae Hong Son is 34 % making it the poorest region in the country.

Recently, the nature of the activities have stemmed from workshops on water filtration system in hill tribes, first aid refresher workshops for local police men in which a participant stated that “we will use what we have learned to protect our family and community”, as well as community clean ups to involve the community in climate action or conversational english workshops focusing on colours, fruit and the Alphabet. Just at the end of last month, they had physical, social and emotional well-being workshops with local students.

” We will be continuing these workshops and building on the knowledge already developed, with the long-term goal of positively impacting the student’s social and financial skills and knowledge to help give the best possible opportunity to succeed in life”