Partner of the Week: G.A.M.E. India

Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship, also known as G.A.M.E., was founded in 2018 in India with the mission to catalyse a country-wide movement of entrepreneurship and favourable conditions for the growth, of both existing and new enterprises, resulting in 50 million new jobs by 2030 

Moreover, the organisation aims at ensuring that at least a quarter of new businesses are women-owned. They hope to inspire and support similar movements in other parts of the world facing similar challenges. 

What makes G.A.M.E. unique is that they play the role of a backbone organisation, they believe in bringing together organisations on the ground and help them amplify and multiply their impact by connecting them to other people, organisations, funders and markets. The organisation also focusses on creating more entrepreneurs in an effort to solve the job crisis in India.  

One of the activities implemented by G.A.M.E. is The Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum stream with their partner organisations, which have been able to execute the project Delhi Business Blasters. 

Business Blasters – The Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum (EMC) was introduced in Delhi Government Schools in 2019 for grades 9-12, to enable students to take charge of their career paths and explore their potential to the fullest. It focuses on qualities and abilities such as identifying opportunities, trying something new, bouncing back from failures and persevering – to help students become successful in a business or in a job. Students are given seed tokens to come up with an idea and a plan to earn profit or solve a social problem applying their entrepreneurial mindset in real life. The top 126 teams were given the opportunity to pitch to a group of funders and have raised funds and incorporated organisations through this programme. 

Our Partnership 

G.A.M.E.  decided to partner with Aflatoun because of its focus on financial literacy. In fact, they believe it to be a key element to making entrepreneurship a reality across the country. In addition, they also think Aflatoun has a valid voice and is willing to use it to get the common agenda of entrepreneurship across and this has been helpful throughout the years.  

What they like the most about the Aflatoun curricula is that they are engaging, exhaustive and interactive for both teachers and students alike. G.A.M.E. believes that Social and Financial Education is important for young students to be rounded individuals, who will be empowered socially and financially to make their own decisions and pathways.

The EMDP Project with Aflatoun International 

Through a consortium of partners, including Aflatoun International, G.A.M.E. has been implementing the Entrepreneurial Mindsets Curriculum (EMC) programme in Andhra Pradesh to scale the financial and entrepreneurship skills programme to all students of class 9 in the state. The programme involves the students attending a 40-hour series of lessons and adopts a train -the- trainer model – wherein the Alliance will train Mentor Teachers who will in turn teach others. In some cases the teachers will teach in classes and in other cases they will train other teachers at the block level. It is this group which will impact more than millions of students in the state. This model is being adopted in other states as well and G.A.M.E. shared with us that they are very proud to be part of this project.