Partner of the Week: Glasswing International

Glasswing International has been working for 15 years in El Salvador, Ecuador, Costa, Colombia, República Dominicana, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Panama, Trinidad y Tobago, and the United States.  

Their mission is to address the root causes and consequences of violence and poverty, through education and health programmes that aim to empower youth and communities, and to strengthen communities and public systems. 

Glasswing International believes that every person has the potential and the right to thrive, despite the adversity they face. Millions of people are born into cycles of poverty and violence, Glasswing catalyzes the power of community to create a safer and a more secure and prosperous future for all. 


Our Partnership 

Glasswing is one of our newest partners, having joined our network in November 2022.  

Through the Jóvenes Líderes de Impacto (Central American Service Corps), they sought a partnership with Aflatoun because of the Social and Financial Education programmes because each can strengthen the development of the boys and girls in the different countries. The Jóvenes Líderes de Impacto works to deliver the lessons and programmes on Life Skills and Financial Education in order to contribute to the empowerment of children and youth around the region.  


Empowering Youth and Communities 

When a population faces widespread poverty and extreme violence, access to quality education becomes difficult. Moreover, under-resourced public schools with inadequate infrastructure, overcrowding and many security problems, add up to poverty and violence.  

One of Glasswing’s goal is to create safe, healthy, dynamic and stimulating environments that respond to the interests (sports, arts, academics studies, leadership and service, science and technology) and develop basic life skills to help them succeed in school and beyond.  

Glasswing focuses on empowering communities. A key component is training and equipping community members, corporate employees, and individuals to become more involved and volunteers. In this way, they become positive role models within their communities for children and youth, permeating everything we do.