Partner of the Week: Good Neighbors Philippines (GNIP)

Good Neighbors Philippines (GNIP) is an international, child-focused, humanitarian, and development NGO. For 12 years, they have been planning, implementing, and raising funds for the provision of services in child education, community development, health, sanitation, income generation and disaster relief projects.  

Good Neighbors Philippines envisions a country where people care and share with love for the welfare of every Filipino child, which is why they have worked to promote the well-being of marginalised Filipino children through integrated and child-centred community development programmes that create long term positive change. 

They are committed to foster social causes from a multi-perspective approach in order to improve quality of education, child protection, and health and sanitation; while working to alleviate poverty as well as the fall out disaster and climate change. 

By applying a Child-Centred Community Development (CCCD) approaches, GNIP aims to ensure that children’s best interests are at the heart of all programmes/projects, and address the root causes of challenges faced by children and the youth in the communities. Various programmes such as education, health, income generation, disaster risk reduction and water, sanitation and hygiene, have been made available by Good Neighbors Philippines in order to equip people with the necessary skills to thrive in their respective sectors. 

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