Partner of the Week: Habitat Turkey

Habitat Association (Habitat) is a non-governmental organisation operating in Turkey that creates impactful projects focused on social capacity building, aligning with the digital era and aiming for sustainable development through strong partnerships. Habitat was established in 1997 by a group of young individuals who had participated in the Copenhagen Social Development Summit in 1995 and the United Nations Habitat II Summit in 1996. In turn, Habitat’s primary goal is to foster global communication and collaboration among youth, specifically between Turkey and the rest of the world. 

In line with the growing inequalities caused by the exponential digitalization of our society and wealth disparities, Habitat focuses on six key social issues; on sustainability, innovation, gender equity, financial awareness, equality of opportunity to education, and equality of access to information. To carry out their work, Habitat conducts various trainings, programmes and workshops to engage the youth and create awareness on these issues.  

Our Partnership

Aflatoun and Habitat became partners in 2014, due to our common interest in spreading Social and Financial Literacy with an aim to reach as many children and youth as possible. To do so, Habitat currently implements our Aflatoun, Aflateen and AflaYouth curricula.  

 Given the backdrop of low financial literacy rates in Turkey, many people struggle with debt and financial management. Moreover, many are prone to experience micro-aggressions for being part of minority groups, inevitably exacerbating complex social realities, which can be mitigated with social education, as “it is crucial to educate individuals to promote social cohesion, respect for diversity, and tolerance”. 

Promoting social and financial education in Turkey can help individuals to make informed decisions, reduce debt and financial stress, and improve their quality of life” (Member, HabitatAssociation).   

I Can Manage My Money – Project  

The I Can Manage My Money Project’s targets children and youth to help them with self-confidence and self-awareness in financial matters. It aims to increase spending awareness for primary and secondary school students, budgeting, distinguish between wants and needs, and develop saving and responsible consumption habits. Moreover, the project focuses on ensuring healthy economic growth and includes financial awareness training in the curriculum by supporting the sustainable development goals of children who gain financial literacy skills at an early age.  

In addition to the face-to-face and online training activities, the I Can Manage My Money Project developed the first financial literacy board game in Turkey for high school students. “Pocket Games,” specially designed for students, aims to teach participants notions of financial terms to boost their financial literacy skills through gamification to engage learners at a young age and learn in a fun and active way.  

Implementing gamification in the learning process proved successful as the game thoroughly captured the target group’s interest  

Alternatively, the Catch the Future Programme, targeted high school students and served as an anchor to guide students through the unsettling transition from a learning school environment to the job market. Within the scope of the 4-day programme attended by 101 learners, trainings were given on social and financial skills.  

All the above projects, next to the career trainings, the Sustainable Development Goals Workshop and Pocket Games provided participants with dynamic experiences in social and financial literacy education.