Partner of the week: Ibtikar, Palestine

Ibtikar uses various methods to support Palestinian girls and women facing political and economic challenges. The organisation creates safe spaces for teamwork and innovation, promotes social entrepreneurshipwith training and resources, and offers comprehensive education focused on entrepreneurial thinking and the understanding the broader business environment. Their advocacy campaigns fight against gender discrimination and champion women’s rights, ensuring they have a say in decisionmaking. Ibtikar builds supportive communities, addresses systemic marginalization, and provides long-term support through partnerships. Careful monitoring ensures efforts to effectively empower Palestinian women, helping to create a more fair and empowered society despite ongoing instability.




Empowerment chronicles: Palestinian Women leading Change 

Ibtikar has seen some big changes since joining Aflatoun network in 2020. Palestinian women are stepping up and making a real difference in their own lives and in their communities. They used to face a lot of challenges, but now they’re taking charge and starting businesses, which is inspiring others to do the same. People are coming together to support these empowered women, which is making our society stronger. And economically, these women are making a big impact by starting businesses and creating jobs, which is helping our local economy grow. The networks of support are helping to spread knowledge and skills, and it’s all leading to a better future for Palestine, where everyone has more opportunities.