Partner of the Week: Injaz Jordan

Injaz is a non-profit organisation based in Jordan that was founded in 1999 to inspire and prepare youth to become productive members in the society and accelerate the development of the national economy through contributing to the advancement of the education and entrepreneurship ecosystems. 

The organisation focuses on implementing programmes such as Financial Education, Career Guidance and Business and Entrepreneurship Skills that will help the youth facing the job market after their studies, as well as Life Skills and Social Leadership that will support them in becoming changemakers. Injaz carries out its mission by spreading its 46 programmes in schools, universities and Vocational Training Centres. 


Our Partnership 

The partnership between Injaz and Aflatoun International started in 2014 when the Jordanian organisation chose to collaborate with an international ngo that had “extensive experience and excellent programmes”. 

They decided to deepen their knowledge in Social and Financial Education because spreading SFE among school students in different parts of the Kingdom and giving them knowledge, skills and attitudes related to financial literacy, enables them to make informed decisions for their daily lives and their future. Moreover, raising their awareness on various issues related to money management and spending and saving, positively affects the social and economic development of the society as a whole 

Matching Real Interests with Talents 

After having completed a series of lessons on Social and Financial Education, two students shared their impressions about the programmes and what they learnt.  

“I have learned a lot through my experience with the AflaYouth programme regarding the social and financial sphere and the importance of added value. In the employment sphere, my view of practical life has been changed regarding speech and how to put practical experiences, job interviews, CV, introductory practical skills, the courses that have been taken, and how to match all the information to the job I applied for. Also, I have learned the importance of punctuality and the time provided by how important it is to take things more seriously and prioritize my tasks” – Mohammad Alzoubayde, Youth Participant 


“In the last year of my higher education studies, this course taught us how to match our real interests with our talents during the next steps of our life. The course introduced us to the entrepreneurship world and how we can use our competencies and skills to think about our dream start-up. What I liked of this programme is that it teaches you a range of topics so that you have the skills to become a successful entrepreneur or a brilliant employee in a company – Dia’aihmad Alqabilat, University Student