Partner of the Week: Junior Achievement, Zimbabwe

Junior Achievement Zimbabwe is an organisation committed to nurturing the potential of Zimbabwean youth. JA Zimbabwe has been working with students for 24 years. The main goal of the organisation is to empower and equip the younger generation with vital skills in financial literacy, vocational readiness, and entrepreneurial expertise. Operating within Zimbabwe, their efforts haven’t just fuelled individual growth, but have also ignited transformative change within their local community.  

The organisation’s mission goes beyond traditional education. They are committed to improving the lives of young Zimbabweans by prioritising education for girls, concentrating on their financial literacy, promoting rights and responsibilities, and tackling issues related to sexual reproductive health. Through innovative and targeted trainings in financial literacy and Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights, JA Zimbabwe is making a tangible impact on the lives of the local youth. 


Our Partnership 

Starting in 2011, JA Zimbabwe and Aflatoun formed a partnership that aligns perfectly with their shared vision of empowering youth through social and financial education. JA Zimbabwe chose to partner with Aflatoun to implement the Aflateen+ programme, enhancing their community development initiatives. JA Zimbabwe has joined hands with Aflatoun, uniting in the mission of empowering youth through social and financial education. This partnership opens doors for young individuals to actively participate in society, fostering a sense of belonging and shared growth. 


Empowering Change Through Aflateen+ 

The Aflateen+ curriculum has been a foundation of JA Zimbabwe’s efforts. By utilising this programme, they’ve empowered young individuals to actively engage in society and equipped them with the tools to make informed decisions. Through financial education and the development of life skills, JA Zimbabwe is taking direct action to address social challenges like prostitution, gender-based violence, and substance abuse. This partnership is truly a testament to the potential of collaboration in driving meaningful change.