Partner of the Week: Karibu Tanzania Organization

Karibu Tanzania Organization (KTO) is a national level Non-Governmental Organization working as an umbrella organization for the Folk Development Colleges (‘FDCs’) in Tanzania. Their vision is to help create well-informed, socio-economically empowered, active citizens in a just and sustainable Tanzanian society.

KTO was established in 1990 as a result of a cooperation between Tanzania and Sweden through Folk Development Colleges in Tanzania and Swedish Folk High Schools. The organisation is working with all 55 FDCs in the country.

Together with the FDCs, KTO has a long experience of folk education, adult learning, pedagogical work, rural development and has been providing training for young adults all over Tanzania. Training involves personal development, strengthening capacity for the participants to acquire new knowledge, developing skills to obtain formal employment or self-employment, and continuing their studies after completing the courses.

KTO works closely with the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and with national and international partners.

Aflatoun International and KTO, with support from the MasterCard Foundation, are working on improving the prospects of young mothers by delivering Life Skills and Financial Education to secure employment or allow them to start entrepreneurial activities. In Tanzania, adolescent girls who have dropped out of school because of pregnancy face a severe challenge to re-enter the public secondary education, leading them to be permanently excluded from formal education.

KTO’s method is to take a holistic approach to the challenges facing this group of young women and single mothers and provide them with an integrated programme including secondary education, vocational training, life skills and entrepreneurship, skills needed to create opportunities for further studies or to bridge them into employment and enable them to thrive in the labour market.

Young women will come together for a 2-year course of social rehabilitation, skills-building combining both theory and practice, and short-term internships. To enable young mothers to attend the courses childcare will be provided at day-care centres at the FDCs.

Beginning of December 2018, Aflatoun International conducted a pedagogy training for 34 teachers from 20 Folk Development Colleges(FDCs). Through this training, the programme aims to reach out to a little over 2000 young mothers in 3 years.

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