Partner of the Week: Lithuanian Children’s Fund

Over the past 30 years, the Lithuanian Children’s Fund has been working with children and families suffering from social exclusion by providing various services. In particular, the fund focuses on the Roma community, improving their education and supporting their integration into the labour market and society.

In 2012, Aflatoun’s social and financial education was launched in Lithuania, when a regional trainer and fund’s volunteer introduced the programme to the Roma Community Centre, who work with Roma children and young people. The Lithuanian Children’s Fund also organised training of education staff and contextualised, translated and published the Aflatot, Aflatoun and NFE manuals.

Together with Aflatoun International and organisations from 18 countries, the Lithuanian Children’s Fund, is developing applications for Aflatoun’s education in Europe (supported by the EU Erasmus+ programme), following positive response from students. This is currently being carried out by two regional coaches.