Partner of the Week: LPM Sriwijaya (ChildFund International)

The Budiasih South Sumatera Foundation, also known as LPM Sriwijaya, has been working for 32 years supporting children from vulnerable backgrounds to receive safe and nurturing environments. They specifically focus on children from communities that lack access to opportunity and pastoral support.  

 In addition to implementing the Aflatoun curricula, they also work to support their students’ families in developing their parenting skills, increase students’ self-confidence, and expand the role and function of community-based child protection mechanisms.  



LPM Sriwijaya are one of the local NGOs delivering Aflatoun curricula as part of their partnership with ChildFund International in Indonesia, and started in 2016. ChildFund International in Indonesia has partnered with Aflatoun since 2014, and implements our programmes with local NGOs in 4 provinces across the country.  

Using Aflatoun’s contextualised life skills education programme, LPM Sriwijaya has implemented child forums, life skills and financial literacy groups, and study clubs to develop their social skills, and develop their capacities to be agents of change. Through the curricula, they have taught their students saving habits, to repurpose used materials into goods that can be sold, helped them explore their self-potential with life planning, identify ways to protect themselves from abuse and violence, and increased their communal sense of solidarity.