Partner of the Week: Ministry of Education Belarus

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus has been an engaged partner in the Europe and Central Asia region. As a public institution, it has been portraying a considerable investment in providing and promoting the social and financial education to its youngest citizens. Over the past two years, the Ministry of Education has been implementing the Aflatot programme in 28 pre-school educational establishments. The Ministry has demonstrated a high degree of commitment to early childhood development in the Republic of Belarus. In the framework of its partnership with Aflatoun, they have reached out to 1251 children aged between 2 and 7.

The implemented programme also involved a teacher training component which engaged 155 pedagogy workers. The Ministry and Aflatoun facilitated 165 lessons contributing to the early childhood development within the Republic of Belarus. Educators were familiarized with the core concepts of Aflatoun and trained to conduct lessons of the Aflatot curriculum.

Children that completed the Aflatot programme demonstrated an increased awareness of their social environment and basic concepts related to finances. The programme also received positive feedback from the educators involved in the process. The Aflatot curriculum was integrated into wider educational areas, such as ‘Child and Society’, ‘Basic Mathematical Understanding’, and ‘Child Design’. Lessons were generally described as ‘playful’, ‘dynamic’ and ‘engaging’ and ‘comprehensible to children’. The involved educators also highlighted a certain degree of interest to the idea of financial independence among children.

Aflatoun International recognizes the enormous and successful efforts the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus has undertaken in the contextualization and implementation of the Aflatot curriculum. Aflatoun hopes for the further productive collaboration with the Ministry for the enhancement of the early childhood development approach and child-centered methodologies in the Republic of Belarus in general.