Over the past 76 years the National Youth and Children’s Palace of Georgia has served as a cultural and educational center for school age children and adolescents. It provides participants with additional extracurricular education and opportunity to engage in learning by doing activities after school hours. National Palace is also a leading organisation providing children with non-formal education in Georgia.

In 2016 the Palace became a partner of Aflatoun International in Georgia and signed a partnership MoU. That same year it hosted Aflateen training delivered by Aflatoun staff and Georgian Master Trainer for teachers of the Palace during three days. After the training, teachers of the Palace together with students established Aflateen clubs where, every week, they meet regularly to acquire social and financial competencies.

The Palace has also joined Global Money Week movement in 2015 and launched school bank project in its premises. In 2017 during the structural reforms in the Palace, its leadership established and institutionalised a brand new educational direction “Financial Education and Modern Technology” for children and young people. There, students learn about the modern world challenges and 21st century skills.