Partner of the Week: Öğretmen Akademisi Vakfı (Teachers Academy Foundation)

Founded in 2008, the Teachers Academy Foundation provides training courses and implements projects on personal and professional development for teachers. The organisation is the first and only one in Turkey that provides free courses by teachers for teachers that work in public schools.  

The Teachers Academy Foundation believes in the importance of building bridges with institutions, universities, ministries and organisations in the field of education and implements the projects that further develop teachers’ professional and personal skills. 

The training programmes offered by the Teachers Academy Foundation are very diverse and cover topics including environmental literacy, critical thinking, social-emotional and cognitive skills, technological skills and online education. In 13 years, since its foundation, the organisation has reached a wide range of teachers in Turkey, and they have noticed a positive change in the attitude towards social and financial education. During the pandemic, the Foundation adapted its programmes and training to the digital environment, which allowed them to continue their projects and courses.  

Our Partnership 

The Teachers Academy Foundation is part of the Aflatoun network since 2014 and has been implementing the Aflatoun curriculum. They chose to implement the programme because of its thought-out structure that addresses the needs of students and includes supplements such as social and emotional skills. Moreover, they value the sincere and supportive staff that makes them feel a valuable member of the Aflatoun family.  

The Teachers Academy Foundation recognises the importance of social and financial education in the local society, as they have seen members of the community become responsible, active citizens who want to improve themselves and the environment they live in. They have become aware of being part of the world community, so they can now put into practice what they have learnt about taking care of their professional lives and of others.  


Social, Financial and Entrepreneurship Initiatives 

The Teachers Academy Foundation shared different examples of the impact that their programmes and Aflatoun have had on their communities and teachers.  

One student obtained a patent for a money-box she created that was designed to separate money according to different social themes.  

Teachers noticed that students were more open in expressing themselves after the programmes and that they could connect better with their parents.  

The organisation also successfully organised a hackathon, where the teams were composed of teachers and their students. They all worked on social responsibility and entrepreneurship projects related to their environment. 

Some teachers also started noticing a change within their own families, as they began determining budgets and setting goals to achieve.  

Finally, the Teachers Academy Foundation, with the sponsor of the programme Garanti BBVA, was proud to win an award in the field of Economic Social Responsibility for the results of their social impact report.