Partner of the Week: ONG Action Sociale

ONG Action Sociale Benin and was founded on the 22nd of February, 2000. The NGO  promotes the economic and social development of its underprivileged communities, in particular through the support of local initiatives and the realisation of socio-communal infrastructures. The ultimate goal being to engage in the progressive and substantial eradication of poverty in Benin and ensure the well-being of all rural and urban communities in the country.  

As such, ONG Action Sociale finds its uniqueness in its mission to alleviate the most vulnerable segments of society through the provision of informative workshops and awareness curricula aiming to uplift deprived and marginalised groups. Likewise, it fosters initiatives that enhance the security and environmental protection of lands belonging to vulnerable groups in Beninese society.  

Some of the NGO’s highlighted initiatives are as follows: From February to October 2022, Action Sociale organised more than a dozen information and awareness sessions for artisans in Porto-Novo’s surrounding areas. In July 2022, they planned an entrepreneurial skills training for young teenagers in Abomey-Calavi , as part of Kidpreneurs United Trophies project. They also participated in raising awareness through microfinance insurance structures that play an important role in promoting social and financial education, uplifting the resiliency of these vulnerable groups by providing training, educational tools, and adapted financial products. All of these dynamic strategies have proven to help artisanal communities acquire financial literacy and additional informative support in order to improve their quality of life. For instance, this financial knowledge furthers the empowerment of local groups by teaching groups about fruitful solution-oriented pathways like judicious financial acts and the availability of institutional bodies, that can guarantee and advance the rights of minority groups.

Our partnership 

ONG Action Sociale decided to join the Aflatoun partner network “to enable Benin’s community, especially the country’s artisans of Porto-Novo and surrounding areas, to acknowledge the importance of successful planning for a better tomorrow, a better future and a fulfilled retirement ” – Ouémé Valley. 

The organization actively implements the Aflateen+ programme, as it engages with inspiring and exciting content spanning from  Aflatoun Day Sustainability Challenge to the creation of local initiatives and entreprenurial skills to teach young adolescents on forms and types of investment to enhance their financial futures. In this way, social and financial education contributes to the community in several ways.  


“Financial education can help reduce financial inequality 

“First, it helps individuals understand basic concepts related to money management, such as saving, investing and budgeting. It helps individuals avoid common financial pitfalls and make informed financial decisions that will help them achieve their long-term financial goals, such as buying a home, starting a business or preparing for retirement. In addition, SFS helps individuals become more informed and engaged members of the community through the skills and knowledge necessary to advance important community discussions and initiatives. Finally, social and financial education also helps our teenagers and especially our craft association workers to strengthen social ties and community cohesion. By helping them understand the social and economic issues facing the community, social education encourages individuals to work together to find solutions to local problems. In addition, by helping individuals make informed financial decisions, financial education can help reduce financial inequality and strengthen economic stability in artisan communities in the medium term. ” stated a member of ONG Action Sociale detailing their experience with the Aflateen+ programme. 

Being still in its early phase of implementation, teaching of social and financial education at the local level and surrounding areas, will hopefully have a  long-term impact. Thanks to the rigorous implementation by  ONG Action Sociale, committed local learners will develop important leadership and entrepreneurial skills that will enable them to become leaders in their respective professional environments.  

In turn, these stories will become the source of inspiration for many others (artisans and teenage apprentices) in their community.