Partner of the Week: Peace and Conflict Resolution (PCR Foundation)

Peace and Conflict Resolution (PCR Foundation) was created 13 years ago in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  

PCR is committed to reduce and break the cycle of violence and poverty that continues to fuel local community conflict. Their mission is based on four pillars, namely to promote a culture that nurtures peaceful relations at grass roots level; believe in the importance of collaboration and aim to build strong networks with partner organisations who share their vision of peace building and providing humanitarian support. Thirdly, to equip the next generation of youth with the leadership skills and peace building skills necessary to end the cycles of violence. Lastly, they consider financial education to be extremely important for children and youth and for their future.  

PCR Foundation is unique because of their distinctive approach, the activities they carry out, their name and the badges that make them immediately recognisable.  

The social causes that PCR Foundation is trying to improve are building sustainable peace, capacity building, training of local leaders, financial education for youth, adolescents and children, entrepreneurship, etc.  What is more, PCR Foundation is committed in the fight against malnutrition, in paying the bills of women who have given birth but have to stay in the hospital and cannot afford to pay.  

Our Partnership  

PCR Foundation has four pillars in their organisation. the third and fourth concern providing young people with leadership and life skills necessary, and to equip them with financial literacy. These are linked to Aflatoun’s mission and activities, which is why the foundation decided to partner with us to spread Social and Finanacial Education (SFE) in the country.  

Currently, they have started to implement the Aflateen and AflaYouth curricula and they are undergoing the process of creating the Aflatoun clubs with the children and young people.  

Although it is the beginning of the partnership between PCR Foundation and Aflatoun, they are excited to see how Social and Financial Education will bring good results in their communities and in the DRC.