Partner of the Week: Plan International Egypt

Plan International is one of the oldest and largest children’s development organizations in the world. Through its’ partnership with Aflatoun in Egypt it has helped reach more than 18,000 children – a majority being female. The organisation works in Egypt to promote children’s right to protection, participation and development.

Founded 76 years ago, Plan International is now working in 50 countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas. Its’ 2030 Global Mission is to strive for a world where all children, especially girls, can reach their full potential. To achieve this, the organisation works with vulnerable children so they can learn to lead, decide and thrive.

In Egypt, the organisation has been working to positively impact the country since 1981. Their main priorities in the country include: providing a healthy start, quality education, protection and economic empowerment.

Specifically, Plan International Egypt (PIE) hopes to improve the quality of early childhood education, protect children from all forms of violence and abuse, and support vulnerable young people in becoming more economically secure in the country.

In order to achieve these goals, PIE works closely with the Egyptian government, Egyptian semi-governmental institutions, as well as local and international NGO’s operating in Egypt—including Aflatoun International.

Through its’ partnership with Aflatoun in 2017, it reached 18,320 children, cooperated with 43 schools and centers, trained 219 teachers, and engaged with 160 social enterprises.
Yasmine Mohamed, a 9-year-old participant in the Aflatoun programme, regularly attends trainings in Alexandria, Egypt. Through the trainings, Yasmine has learned many things including how to share with her siblings and how to better save her money.


Because of these Aflatoun lessons, Yasmine says she no longer spends all the money her brother gives her. Instead, she now saves enough money to buy her own clothes, school supplies and other needs.

Yasmine is also encouraging her brother to attend the Aflatoun programme so he can learn to save as well. Further, learning how to share with him has helped them quarrel less, she said.

If you want to learn more about Plan International’s work in Egypt visit its’ website here. If you are interested in joining Aflatoun’s global movement, click this link: