Partner of the Week: Plan International, Jordan

Established in 2016, Plan International has been actively involved in Jordan, supporting children’s rights and empowering young people and women. What makes Plan International unique is its approach, which emphasises collaboration and forming strong partnerships to create positive social change. 


Collaborating with Aflatoun 

Plan International has always believed in the importance of financial literacy as a pathway to a better future. That is why the organisation teamed up with Aflatoun. Aflatoun’s curriculum, Aflatot, has made a significant impact in Jordan, and Plan International’s incorporation of this programme into their initiatives for parental care reflects their commitment to comprehensive development. 


Cultivating Future Leaders 

Financial literacy is not just about numbers, it is about empowering individuals to take charge of their lives and make well-informed decisions. For Plan International, fostering financial and social literacy among children and youth is not merely a goal but a means to an important end. By nurturing these skills, they are helping the younger generation cultivate their projects, dreams, and potential. 


Aflatoun’s Impact on Mohammed, Bilal, Tafa, and Their Family 

Allow us to introduce you to Mohammed, Bilal, Tafa, and their young mother – a family whose life was greatly impacted by the Aflatoun programme. These siblings, aged 3 to 5, faced significant challenges due to their financial situation. Their mother, in her thirties with limited education, struggled to provide them with the opportunities they deserved. 

But Plan International’s cooperation with Aflatoun made a significant difference for them. Through the Aflatoun programme, these children not only received an education but also found a sense of hope. Mohammed, who used to be quiet, became more outgoing and sociable. Bilal and Tafa, who had their disagreements, learned the importance of working together and leadership. Their mother, once overwhelmed, expressed her heartfelt thanks.  

The Aflatoun programme introduced them to valuable life skills like drawing, colouring, crafting, instilling values, and age-appropriate savings. As a result, these siblings became more disciplined and self-assured, and any previous feelings of jealousy or rivalry were left behind. The impact on their lives was significant, and their mother was delighted. Plan International’s partnership with Aflatoun, as seen in this heart-warming story, highlights their commitment to improving lives in Jordan. By promoting financial and social literacy, they are contributing to a better future for every child. 

In conclusion, Plan International Jordan’s mission to advocate for children’s rights, support youth initiatives, and empower women is truly inspiring. Their collaboration with Aflatoun and the success stories they create underscore the positive influence of education and financial literacy. As they continue their efforts in Jordan, Plan International serves as a reminder that we can all contribute to a better future for everyone when we work together.