Partner of the Week: Pomoc Deci, Serbia

Pomoc Deci, also known as the Children and Youth Support Organisation (CYSO), is an educational organisation located in Serbia. For nearly two decades, this organisation has been on aiming to provide free and accessible education to children from 0 to 18 years of age, along with support for their parents. Founded in 2004, Pomoc Deci has been promoting quality care and education for the youth of Serbia. They have a vision of educational goals, involving fostering a responsible and actively engaged youth. 


Partnership with Aflatoun 

Pomoc Deci partnered with Aflatoun to improve social and financial education for Serbia’s children and youth since 2005. Together with Aflatoun, Pomoc Deci’s goal is to equip Serbian youth with the skills and knowledge they need to make informed choices and become responsible and engaged citizens. Today, Pomoc Deci applied a range of Aflatoun curricula, including Aflatot, Aflatoun, and Aflayouth. These programmes provide children and youth with essential life skills, including financial literacy for all ages. 



Youth Activism in Serbia 

Pomoc Deci’s mission encompasses several critical social causes, with the aim of creating a better future for Serbia’s children and youth. One of their primary focuses is on quality education for all. They believe in inclusive education for all children, irrespective of their backgrounds or abilities. The organisation aims to enhance education for ethnic minorities, starting from preschool levels and extending all the way to adult education.  


Youth activism is another pivotal aspect of Pomoc Deci’s work. Engaging young people in activism, addressing their needs, and nurturing the development of local communities are at the core of this initiative. The organisation emphasises the significant role that young people have in shaping Serbia’s future. They actively support youth involvement and create social partnerships at the local level, equipping young activists with the tools and knowledge they need to create positive change. Pomoc Deci is also dedicated to the prevention and protection of children and youth from human trafficking. They tackle this problem by addressing root causes, including late registration of non-registered children and ensuring the well-being of both children and their parents. 


Impactful Workshops and Initiatives  

Pomoc Deci have organised a series of online workshops that have reached children, teachers, and parents across Serbia. These workshops have not only shared valuable knowledge but also allowed participants to apply what they have learned, thereby improving their financial literacy skills. One of their most notable achievements is their involvement in the “Aflatoun Boosting Social Inclusion through Targeted Action” project, which began in 2021. This project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, aims to develop the social and civic competencies of primary and secondary school children in three participating countries, including Serbia. 


As part of this initiative, Pomoc Deci developed training manuals for social and financial education, which are now available to teachers and professionals working with children. In 2022, they conducted a national training of trainers, followed by a training of teachers, teaching professionals, and paraprofessionals. These efforts have equipped educators and professionals with the tools needed to effectively implement Aflatoun’s methodology in both formal and non-formal education settings. Through the partnership with Aflatoun, Pomoc Deci continues to empower Serbia’s youth with the skills and knowledge they need to make informed choices, fostering a financially and socially responsible youth.