Partner of The Week: Primary Education Project, Diocese of Hyderabad, Pakistan

The Diocese of Hyderabad (DoH) Church of Pakistan initiated the Primary Education Project (PEP) in 2002.
PEP organises the placement of a teacher and provides training to teach children in multigrade classes within their own community. In the collaborative effort to support education, the organisation supplies teaching materials and furnishings, while the community generously provides the building/hut for the school. Through the parents’ contribution fees, teachers’ salaries are ensured.







Our Partnership

Since 2010, the partnership between PEP-DoH and Aflatoun has been a source of empowerment. PEP-DoH has been actively involved in Global Money Week 2024.  This year’s theme was “Protect your money, secure your future”, focused on safe money management, and highlighted the importance of adopting a responsible and informed approach to personal finances.




From 5 to 104 Schools: Transforming Primary Education


In the Sindh province, a PEP initiative began with just 5 schools, responding to the earnest requests of local communities. Over time, the initiative, steadily expanded its reach, now boasting an impressive 104 schools. Remarkably, 14 of these schools have transitioned into community-owned and operated establishments, a testament to the empowerment fostered within these areas. Currently, these schools collectively enroll approximately 6000 children, providing them with access to education. From 2012 to 2023, over 3500 students successfully completed their 5th-grade education, with 90% continuing their educational journey into secondary school. Furthermore, PEP has invested in the professional development of 665 teachers through a comprehensive one-year teaching course, ensuring that the quality of education remains paramount.