Partner of the Week: Primary Education Project, Pakistan

Primary Education Project (PEP) has been operating since 2002 in Pakistan under their vision of transforming lives through education. To carry out their vision and mission they established a self-sustainable community school in the rural areas of the Sindh province, with 105 primary school centres of which 4,157 attendees are boys and 1,984 are girls. 

PEP also formed 78 Women Empowerment Groups and 35 Female Adult Literacy Centres. Together, the organization continuously works on community development through WASH, emergency response, awareness raising on social issues and life skills training. 

Our Partnership 

In 2010, Aflatoun and PEP became partners. Since then, the community in the Sindh province participates in Aflateen Clubs, empowering children and youth with social and financial education. The sessions build on the Aflateen+ curriculum and Aflatoun core principles, nurturing students’ natural curiosity and teaching them positive associations with themes such as children’s rights, saving and entrepreneurship.  

The Story of Madhu 

Madhu, a remarkable student in grade 11, resides in the village of Rikhesar. At the age of 26, Madhu is a determined young woman with dreams that go beyond the confines of her village.

A year ago, Madhu found herself grappling with a sense of unhappiness within her family, particularly with her father. Despite her successful completion of 10th grade, she often felt isolated at home. Her father, a television mechanic, earned an inconsistent income, based on customer demand and the prospect of marriage was a frequent topic of discussion between her parents 

Feeling disheartened, Madhu’s life took a transformative turn when she became acquainted with the Aflateen+ sessions. Introduced to her by Mr. Bhaljee, her teacher, Madhu was drawn to the new curriculum. Her interest in these sessions was further fueled by Mr. Bheemo, a field staff member from PEP, who encouraged her to attend regularly. Dr. Reena, a local medical professional, offered to support Madhu’s preparation for the medical course entry test upon completing her 12th grade. After discussing her aspirations with her parents, she managed to secure their permission to attend. This marked the beginning of her journey towards empowerment and self-discovery. 

The Aflateen+ curriculum brought about significant changes in Madhu’s outlook on life. A pivotal lesson, “Myself and My Rights,” prompted her to reevaluate her own potential and future. Within the supportive group setting, Madhu not only found companionship but also started to blossom into a confident individual. This transformation was not lost on her parents, who observed her newfound confidence and willingness to engage in conversations with them. 

With her father’s newfound understanding, Madhu’s journey took a pivotal turn. She was granted the opportunity to enrol in college and pursue further education. Entering grade 11, Madhu felt a profound sense of gratitude towards her parents for recognizing her right to education. The burden of responsibility now rested on her shoulders – to excel in her studies and secure a promising future. 

Fuelled by determination, Madhu embraced her education, pledging to achieve exceptional marks. Her ultimate aspiration was to become a doctor and return to her village with the skills to establish a medical clinic. This vision was not only a proof of her aspirations but also a tribute to her commitment to her community’s well-being. With her goals set, Madhu’s journey continues, fuelled by passion, motivation, and an unconditional determination to make a positive impact on her village and her family’s life.