Partner of the week: Private Education Development Network (PEDN)

PEDN is an organisation based in Uganda. Its mission is to empower young people in Uganda through innovative and demand led entrepreneurial interventions that enable them to transform their livelihoods and communities.

Our partnership

A critical part of PEDN’s work is financial and social literacy – providing the skills to navigate the 21st century. PEDN and Aflatoun International have been partners since 2006, when it helped us pilot our initial curricula. PEDN has used our Aflatot, Aflatoun and Aflateen+ curricula in both formal and non-formal education contexts and in both urban and rural areas throughout Uganda.

Student feedback

Mark, 14 years old is part of the Aflateen+ programme.

“Before Aflateen+, I couldn’t distinguish between good and bad friends, simply because I could not differentiate between bad and good peer groups. But when I joined the Aflateen+ club, we had a session on Peer Grouping and it was then that I learned to choose my friends wisely” Mark explained.

Mark shared that this has helped him identify friends who build him up and help him instead of those who encourage him to skip class, smoke or bully other students. Mark also believes that the Aflateen+ project can benefit other learners like him. Which lessons were important – picking up the skills to save money and non-monetary items, helping him spend his pocket money more wisely.

Aflatoun club impact

Everyone you talk to at Mother Care Primary School in the Ntungamo District, tells you that there is a significant change in the school and it has been brought about by the 125 EGE club.

The club is part of the Aflatoun programme and its members identified unkept areas at school as a challenge that they needed to address. Now, every Saturday they work together to clean up common areas and that has fostered teamwork and a sense of responsibility.
“Thanks to the project, learners are now acting as an example to even some of us. They saw a problem, sat down in their group and came up with a solution that they are implementing. It has totally changed the face of our school,” said Mr. Abel Kyarikunda, club patron.

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